Love is in the air…. or in our hearts… Let’s show we care.

Ahhh Valentine, who even remembers the third century Roman saint now associated with courtly love? Let's be honest, these days its commercially shoved in our faces with less regard for the actual concept. Since we at Malaya Organics are committed to increasing awareness, yet like most love gifting, we've decided to use this holiday to broaden our understanding of LOVE - perhaps the most vital aspect of humanity.

How we express love and let our gifts shine is how others benefit from our time and existence. Obviously it looks different from person to person, but we can agree it typically includes listening, accepting, helping, giving, learning, teaching and sometimes lots and lots of hugs and kisses! In this spirit, we want to share some of our favorite ways to spread the love, using ecologically ethical and aware brands.

Here are a few romantic products we love and think you might get a kick out of too:

  1. Chocolate With A Cause - Nicobella Organic Vegan Chocolate (fair trade, 5% donated to animal organizations)
  2. Sexy Lingerie - Clare Bare Eco Friendly Lingerie (so sexy and so unique)
  3. Sensual Massage - Malaya Organics Moisturizing Body Oil Woods - (a sensual, aphrodisiac, aromatherapeutic blend that leaves your skin kissably soft)
  4. Intimate Moments - Yes Organic Lubricant (trust us - it’s the real deal, non irritating and completely natural)
  5. The Perfect Bath - Malaya Organics Ultimate Bath Due (relaxing, detoxifying, soothing, restorative and oh so romantic)

When time and energy is not readily available - supporting others’ great work is a fantastic way to feel connected. Sometimes finding a cause that speaks to your heart and donating whatever you can is truly enough. Here are some of our favorite groups:

Girls Inc.


Skin Cancer Foundation

Operation Smile

Women for Women

Natural Resources Defense Council

Since at Malaya Organics, February is first and foremost our founder’s Bday month, we want to give ourselves a gift and show you guys we care. Until February 14th, get 15% OFF everything on our site when getting yourself or someone you love a little dose of happiness… Just use code AMORE15 at checkout!

In the meantime, we’ll continue caring for you through every creation we release…. And inspire you to love (hopefully not just yourself)... but the skin we’re all in.


Thank you Nichole! We are all loving your dark chocolate truffles here at Malaya Organics! They have become my favorite chocolates. The perfect portion and the flavors and textures are amazing! Thank you <3

Katya Slepak February 18, 2017

Thank you for including nicobella, Malaya Organics! Please have your readers use discount code Malaya for 15% off their order through February 28. We love your products and what you’re doing. ♡

Nichole Dandrea-Russert February 11, 2017

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