New Year Resolutions! What - that’s not just a December thing?

It’s new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and 2017 is here to stay! Two weeks in and the question on our minds is - how do we make New Year’s resolutions into achievable goals?

If you’re like us, you dream BIG - but sometimes, it’s easy to lose track of those late December intentions. What do we recommend? Small daily steps. Wise peeps say ‘how we are in one thing is how we are in all things’. Adding pockets of self-care into the day will help increase mindfulness in all areas of life. Since skin care is our specialty, here are some tips from our table to yours.

1. Forgive us for stating the obvious, but - You must Cleanse Your Face Effectively! Especially before bed and especially if you’ve been wearing makeup. Dirt clogs pores and leaves oily residue that can build up acne causing bacteria creating all sorts of unpleasant blemishes. 
Meet the newest addition to our line - Black Clay & Geranium Detoxifying Beauty BarIt’s the perfect cleanser to help prevent and reduce black and white heads, eliminate bacteria & toxins - leaving skin smooth and renewed.

2. Moisturize Effectively! After washing, tone or mist and apply moisturizer immediately - while skin is still damp. Why? Because, moisturizing doesn’t just treat skin, it helps lock in moisture to maximize hydration. Effectively also means using a product with antioxidants, which helps prevent cell damage and gives skin a healthy appearance! 
There’s a reason we use phytonutrient-dense whole-plant extracts and nourishing oils & essences in our Rejuvenating Face Serum. It’s what gives our restorative blends antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and elasticity improving properties. Using it even just once a day feeds your skin the best, most pure, ingredients!

3. WATER IS LIFE - drink plenty of it!
We hear this everywhere and for good reason. Aside from helping keep bodily fluids in balance, energizing muscles and controlling calorie intake, H20 keeps skin looking fresh, improving dry weathered skin. During the winter months it can be hard to remember to drink enough. We suggest keeping a water bottle by your side and adding alarms on your phone. In case you’re wondering - here’s our favorite bottle to go.

4. Sun Protection! Over exposing unprotected skin is proven to cause wrinkles, age spots, and increase risk of skin cancer. So whether on a sunny vacation or just catching some rays - be sure to protect your skin. But don't forgo post sun care! Getting into an after sun care habit helps rehydrate skin, repair sun damage and replenish vital nutrients - all of which restore skin’s natural elasticity.
Looking for the perfect solution? Our vitamin rich Moisturizing Body Oils hydrate and revitalize dry or sun damaged skin! Your future self thanks you!

5. And finally - we are what we eat - so enjoy a Healthy Well Balanced Diet! Live foods grown with direct sun and plenty of water are always best. We know how hard it can be to crave leafy greens in the winter, but that doesn’t mean forgetting all other veggies as well. Eating seasonally allows us to indulge in squash, cauliflower, leeks, and potatoes - just to name a few. Add at least one side of veggies per meal and you’re sure to help your body run smoothly. Need an extra boost? Try this raw greens powder supplement. And of course - don’t skip breakfast. Starting your day right, helps keep you on track. 

Remember - small changes lead to lasting results. But don’t take our word for it...


It’s all part of our mission to inspire you to be good to your body and…. love yourself & the skin you’re in!™

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