Katya spent more than half of her life devoted to energetic work. Shamanic medicine, chakra work and white light transmission are at the heart of her intuitive and meditative practice.

She believes we can restore our body and mind by creating balance in our energy fields. When used in combination with plant medicine, the connection deepens, bringing greater results. All this roots us deeper to our being and our body, and of course, ultimately, to mother earth and the universe.

Not many knew her secret until now - Katya infuses healing white light into her formulas.

Channeling this powerfully healing energy into her products adds another layer of restorative benefits to the formulations, qualities which are unique and rare.

Many of her clients say they were drawn to Malaya Organics products. Over and over she hears they changed someone’s life by bringing back their skin health or that using her products inspired them to live a more sustainable, eco-centric lifestyle.

Perhaps their intuition brought them here, to return to nature’s wisdom and the alchemical power of transformation.