The essence of Malaya Organics

Malaya is a celebration of beauty and the ritual of caring for yourself in a mindful and meaningful way. We believe in establishing a deeper connection to oneself through self care and honoring our body and the earth. Plant medicine has the ability to reconnect us with ourselves and with nature, reminding us that we are worthy of love, and love is the purest form of beauty there is. 

Meaning of the word Malaya

Malaya is our founder Katya Slepak’s nickname since she was a little girl. It means young one in Russian, her native language. 

She chose this name because it has interesting meanings in different languages that all reflect her philosophy regarding self-care.

In Sanskrit and in the Shambhala tradition, the term Malaya is related to sacred and ceremonial flora. In Tagalog, it means freedom; and in Russian, it is akin to youth. 

Based on all these meanings, Katya’s definition of the word Malaya is -

A sacred garland of flowers, that with it’s purity adorns you in a youthful glow.

This is the experience of Malaya Organics creations.

Indulge in your beauty ritual ™