Katya Kupor, Founder Malaya Organics

Growing up in Russia, Katya first learned about the healing power of plants from her mother and grandmother. They made beauty potions and traditional folk medicine out of native herbs and botanicals.

Unfortunately, as modern life often scoffs at the past, when - as a teen in New York -  she developed severe cystic acne, she first tried all the latest methods to heal it. 

After nearly ten years of getting nowhere, she turned back to her roots but found nothing on the market that was 100% natural and suitable for problematic skin like her own.

With this large gap in the cosmetics industry, crafting a product line that calmed and repaired the skin, addressed premature aging and yet was gentle enough for very sensitive, reactive and acne prone skin, became her mission.

To do this, Katya became an expert formulator, product designer and certified aromatherapist, training in western herbalism and natural perfumery. 

Holding an extensive two-year mentorship with a cosmetic manufacturer integrated with her other training and became the solid foundation of what this brand would become. 

Her formulas worked for her and many others, and Malaya Organics launched in 2014 with the aim of helping people get the same wonderful results her formulations garnered her. 

As a result, Malaya Organics is a 100% natural, high-performance line that supports skin naturally as it ages and is compatible with the most sensitive and reactive skin.

Our products are proudly formulated for all skin types, tones, textures and concerns; all genders and ages.

This holistic, well-edited, skin-transforming line has something for everyone.

A path to healthy, youthful, balanced and glowing skin is possible!

This is Botanical Alchemy.  

A little magical

As most journeys of self-discovery aren’t linear, Katya’s path to skin health led her to studying yoga, meditation, Buddhism, shamanic medicine and healing white light transmission.

These learnings are infused into all Malaya Organics nourishing formulas.

Rich in restorative benefits - the magical wisdom of plant medicine - they bring a powerful therapeutic experience to your entire body.