Summer recipe

I like to premix a teaspoon of each herb in a jar, and use a table spoon of the mix to make 1-2 cups of tea. Pour boiling water over the dry herbal tea mix and allow to infuse for at least 6 minutes.

Sweeten to taste with honey, agave or stevia, cool down, pour over ice, throw a few berries in your glass and a few leaves of fresh peppermint. Hmmm, the perfect summer medley!

This cooling tea can be made into a cocktail for the weekend festivities. Just add a splash of your favorite wine or spirit to the mix.

The Benefits

The cooling herbs like Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Lavender help bring your body temp down. They also release stagnant heat in the body and aid in balancing hydration levels. Lavender also helps you de-stress after a long, hot day.

Hibiscus helps move blockages in muscles and joints. It helps cleanse the body and has a mild diuretic effect, releasing excess fluids in the body. Hibiscus is also a wonderful skin tonic.

Rose Petals enhance our body’s self-healing capacities, and can remove excess heat in the body, which can in turn relieve skin dryness and fatigue. Rose helps enhance your mood and is also known to relieve inflammation.

Dried orange peels give a boost to your immune system with a punch of vitamin C. Orange peels have antiviral and antibacterial properties, as well as a mild carminative effect to quell indigestion and heartburn.

Bonus Tip
Enjoy! Here's to a fun and healthy summer!
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