Katya's Herbal Vaginal Steam Recipe

My Favorite Yoni Steam DIY Recipe

Do not be intimidated by vaginal steaming. 

This is an ancient feminine well-care ritual that is easy to do and brings wonderful vaginal health benefits. 

Yoni steaming can aid in balancing pH, relieve discomfort and irritation, prevent microorganisms, balance the flora, reduce odor, as well as help with cysts, UTI’s, dryness, libido, yeast and period cramps/problems, and postpartum care. Different herbs can help with different issues. Do your own research based on your needs and create your own Yoni Steam. 

Here is my go to recipe for overall vaginal health and vitality:

Herbs You'll Need

Rose buds 

How to use

Infuse 1-2 handfuls of equal amounts of herbs in a pot, with an ample amount of clean, fresh water, like you would a tea. Make sure the water and steam is not too hot. Squat over the pot or lean forward on the couch or chair with the pot between your legs. A squatting position is best because it allows better opening. You can even get a special steaming seat for ultimate comfort. 

Close your eyes, relax and enjoy. You can do a meditation or visualization practice during this time. Steam for about 15 minutes or until the herbal preparation feels like it’s cooled off. 



After your steam, stay warm, rest, keep hydrated, and give yourself whatever self-care feels good to you at that moment. 

To your health and radiance! 



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