As the spring season rolls around, it's really important to give your skin a gentle reset. In my recent IG live event, I talked about doing an exfoliation and masking in the same treatment to help slough off dead skin accumulated over the colder months, and to re-balance the dermis. Follow these 3 steps below to transition your skin for the new season as we prepare for the warmer months ahead.


cleansing kit

Combine a quarter-size amount of Herbal Facial Polish with a few pumps of our Cleansing Oil. Add a splash of water or our Rose or Lavender Waters, and mix until even, pudding-like consistency is achieved. Exfoliate with this mixture in the shower for easy rinse off (tip, make sure to rinse off with lukewarm or cold water).

The synergy of these two products is activated by the water element and becomes like a gel paste, which gives you a much deeper and more effective exfoliation and cleansing experience, which is still very gentle and will never feel abrasive on your skin.



repair mask

Follow this exfoliation with our Advanced Repair Mask. Apply on clean, damp skin and leave on for at least 15 min. Wet the mask once it's dry on your face and exfoliate it off in a circular motion. This technique will give you an extra layer of gentle exfoliation and cleansing for skin that feels brand new, calm, soothed, supple and re-balanced.



hydrating mist

During this transitional weather, your skin might crave a lighter moisturizer but still need deep hydration. Try spraying a few pumps of our Hydrating Mist into the palm of your hand and add a few drops of our Rejuvenating Face Serum. Blend with your finger to create a light emulsion and press into your skin. Your face will feel like it got a breath of fresh air :) Follow with our Firming Eye Serum around the eyes, et vous a la, fresh, vibrant glowing skin that's ready for spring!


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