Katya's Winter Skin Beauty Tips

It is important to give your skin and hair some extra TLC during this time of the year. 

Winter can wreak havoc on our skin, dehydrating it, depleting moisture levels, leaving skin dry and compromised. 

1. Be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly during this time of the year.
For Face - Herbal Facial Polish
Body - Neroli Body Polish 

2. Do not skip the Hydration Step before moisturizing.
For Face - Hydrating Mist
For Body - Rose or Lavender Water 

3. Moisturize, and moisturize again! Twice a day if need be. More often for hands.
For Face - Rejuvenating Face Serum; Firming Eye Serum
For Body - Moisturizing Body Oils 
For Hands and stubborn dry spots - Hand Butter Protect & Replenish 

4. Seal in hydration and moisture at the end of your skincare routine with an extra layer of hydration. Re-apply throughout the day. To use: Rose or Lavender Water 

5. Hair and scalp get bombarded by the elements too, making the scalp flaky, and hair dry and brittle. Practice regular scalp and hair oiling at least once a week. Use our hair oil for styling regularly to re-moisturize your hair. 




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