Celebrating the Month of Love

A Love Note from Katya

Dear Friends,

I tend to find myself reflecting on life often during the month of February. It’s usually the coldest month on our side of the east coast, it’s my birthday month, and it’s also the month during which collectively we celebrate LOVE.

The past few months have been a rough time for all of us. With the global state of affairs, another wave, etc., etc., people are tired, emotional, and are ready for transformation.

I also see February as a transitional month as it leads us to spring, rebirth, shedding our old skin so to speak (literally and figuratively).

This year on February 12th I am turning 40! A big milestone, a huge moment of reflection and deep gratitude for another journey around the sun!

You, my dear clients, are one of my biggest gifts, so as a token of gratitude I want to bestow some gifts on you :)

I created a few offerings of gratitude for you that I think you will enjoy during this transitional month of LOVE.

Valentine's Day Sale

We will be having our annual Valentines / Galentines SALE and I’m really upping the game on the GIFTS with purchases that you will receive this year. Stay tuned for the sale announcement!

30% OFF Aromatherapy Rollers for Month of Love

Aromatherapy Rollers

I created a collection of all our Aromatherapy rollers to help you get back to balance.

It will be offered at 30% OFF during the month of February -

The collection is meant to help with -

  • Balancing Circadian Rhythms (Calm Roller, Lavender Roller)

  • Uplifting the mood (Energize Roller, Sweet Orange Roller)

  • Aiding with opening the airways, antibacterial (Eucalyptus Roller)

  • Aiding digestive system, relieving headaches, body aches (Peppermint Roller)

  • Grounding and invoking meditative states (Frankincense Roller, Balance Roller)

  • Inviting the feeling of LOVE for self and others (Rose Roller)

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White Light Meditation on Instagram Live, Feb 16th

Chakra cleanse

On February 16th, at 12 pm - I will be holding a LIVE Instagram event where I will be doing a guided Healing White Light Chakra Meditation. Join me and let's send a collective vibration of love and healing throughout the world together!

This is a very powerful Chakra Cleanse; a practice I have been doing for over a decade. You will feel transformed, invigorated and rooted. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

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With Love,


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