Natural Cold Remedy/Immune Boost

The winter season can be stressful - uncomfortably cold weather combined with the risk of catching a bug can take its toll on all of us. Even worse, many people tend to fall of the wagon with their nutritional habits and in turn end up with depleted immune systems. Whenever I feel myself coming down with something, I employ my years-old, go-to remedy that I have shared with friends and family for as long as I can remember. This quick and easy pick me up helps to relieve almost all of those yucky cold and flu symptoms!

I start by boiling together Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, Echinacea (incredible immune booster, antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-viral), Cayenne Pepper, and raw Ginger. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Cloves have powerful antimicrobial compounds, and Cayenne Pepper is really effective for breaking up the mucus in your sinuses. Fresh Ginger has been used in cold remedies since ancient times, and is praised for its anti-inflammatory action, immune boosting, and relief of respiratory issues. I bring this mixture to a simmer for a few minutes after boiling, and then take it off the heat and pour over Chamomile Tea, which has powerful infection-fighting effects. I add some Lemon (rich in vitamin C), Honey (antibacterial), and a dash of Turmeric (anti-inflammatory/antioxidant), and drink this concoction for as long as I’m feeling under the weather. I’ve noticed that it really does reduce the time that I’m not feeling well and helps me get back on my feet super quickly.

In addition to my tea potion, I make another powerful remedy - 2 minced cloves of Garlic added to a tablespoon of Olive Oil and half a Lemon - I swallow this mixture several times throughout the day. Garlic packs a strong antibacterial and antiviral punch, while Olive Oil replenishes the body with all those healthy omega fatty acids.

Whenever I’m making any of my natural remedies, I make sure that every ingredient used is Organic because I believe the more pure the ingredients, the more effective they are. I also make sure to replenish my body with vital nutrients, minerals and immune system boosters: Vitamin C and Garlic for the immune system (some good brands are Nature’s Way, Garden of Life, Solaray, Life Extension, Kyolic, Jarrow), Probiotics (Kirkman CD-Biotic), an organic Multivitamin/Mineral formula (Mary Ruth Organics is fantastic), and an herbal Cordial to boost the immune system (Terra Firma Botanicals).

Conventional medications prescribed for common colds can be very hard on the body and often not necessary for a minor condition. One of the most effective ways to fight a cold is to strengthen the immune system. Although for more severe conditions often there’s no way around taking those medications, it is also important to try and fight your cold the natural way! Try my special remedies, and let me know if/what works for you!

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