5 easy skincare tips for the busy mom / on-the-go entrepreneur

As a wife, new mom, and business owner preparing for the holidays, it’s a constant rush to get things done. Since the birth of my daughter, Lilah, it’s a struggle to find time to give myself a little TLC – which is essential to help me feel refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the day. After all, us moms deserve some self-care time! The key to balancing it all is finding products that multitask and do the hard work for you – products that are designed to save time and energy and that also help you feel and look your best!

Here are some of my favorite time-saving beauty hacks that I’m excited to share with my fellow busy moms and anyone looking for a quick beauty routine:

1 - At-home spa: I use the Black Tea & Neroli Body Polish in the shower at least twice a week. It's so effective at exfoliating and moisturizing the skin that I don't even use soap that day. Also, because of its super nourishing oils, you can forgo moisturizing after using this scrub.

2 - DIY facial massage: The Herbal Facial Polish saves me a lot of time and leaves my skin baby soft. I use it in the shower and mix it with our Oil Cleanser (coming soon!) plus a little bit of water to make a paste. I gently exfoliate in the shower, give myself a quick facial massage, and rinse the polish with warm water, never hot. Cleanser, exfoliant and massage all in one!

3 - Simple face wash with water: I cleanse my face well at night (double cleanse when I’m wearing makeup), so in the morning I often only wash my face with lukewarm water and then use our Hydrating Mist (coming soon!). My skin feels refreshed, firm and supple, with a bright complexion. Washing my face only with water in the morning keeps the sebum more balanced, making my skin feel smooth and calm. Less is more, after all, especially if it saves you a lot of time!

4 - Good hair days with a multitasking hair oil / scalp treatment + quick updo: Save time, look super stylish and get a deep repairing scalp and hair treatment in one. I usually give myself a nourishing scalp treatment with our Hair Oil the day before I shampoo my hair. I apply the hair oil all over the scalp and hair shaft, brush the hair into a high bun, and wear that as my hairdo for the day. It holds better than gel or pomade and looks totally natural without that stiff crunchy look. The Hair Oil is the perfect way to save time, and also a high bun updo looks super stylish with the right outfit!

5 - Makeup primer / face moisturizer / highlighter / eye brightener in one: After a long day of work and wearing makeup, I often only have a few minutes to touch up my makeup before my next meeting, but even after that look exhausted (having a 7 month old baby means perpetual lack of sleep!). I always carry our travel size Face Serum in my makeup bag and dab a little under my eyes, and sometimes even press a few drops on my face. My skin instantly looks dewy, and the skin under my eyes looks more firm, toned and bright. I also use our Face Serum as a makeup primer, which works better and cuts out a step/product in your makeup routine.

Hope you find these tips helpful!




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