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Pomada - Chamomilla

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Pomada CHAMOMILLA - the honey like fragrance of chamomile flowers captured in this formula is unlike anything Katya smelled before. It’s calming, soothing, captivating, and nostalgic, like being cocooned in the softest blanket. 

CHAMOMILLA was crafted by Rafa specifically for babies and children, as well as the elderly. It is so incredibly gentle, healing and soothing to the baby's skin, and for mature skin that is thin and fragile. 

This is the purest, safest and most effective remedy for baby’s skin that Katya has encountered. 

In fact this is literally the only product Katya used on her baby from the day she was born. She uses it for her daughter as a total body moisturizer, diaper rash cream, cradle cap remedy, and hair moisturizer. 

She also uses it for her daughter as a healing ointment for scrapes, irritations, sunburn, bug bites, and any skin discomforts her baby might have. 

This product is so gentle and effective, every one of Katya’s friends and clients that she shared this product with often tell her that this is the only product they use on their kids and it works like magic. 

The gentleness and effectiveness of this product is also applicable for feminine uses like vaginal irritation and discomfort, cracked or sore nipples after breastfeeding, or anywhere on the body that may need extra gentle, reparative and soothing care. 

NOTE - each pomada is hand poured by Rafa in his apothecary in Colombia where he treats patients and also has a small shop to sell his medicinal remedies. 

Pomada CHAMOMILLA by La Qvinta Essentia 

30g e 1 oz

Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) Flower*, Calendula Officinalis Flower*, Sesamum indicum (Sesame) Oil*, Ghee Butter*^, Theobroma cacao*, Cera alba (Raw Pure Unrefined) Beeswax*+, Matricaria chamomilla oil*. 

*Ingredients From Organic Farming 

^Ethically Sourced from Sustainable Farms in Colombia 

+Ethically Sourced from Sustainable Apiaries in Colombia

For External use only. Suitable for all skin types.

Apply liberally as needed. Can be applied to the whole body, face and hair as a moisturizer for babies and children, as well as adults and the elderly.

Can be used as a diaper cream to prevent and heal diaper rash. Can also be used for cradle cap, eczema, any skin irritations, scrapes, burns, sunburn or bug bites. 

Can also be used as a facial moisturizer, and for acne prone skin to help clear blemishes. 

Indications - for sensitive and delicate skin, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant (helps naturally form scar tissue), antiseptic, antispasmodic. 

Contraindications - None known 

Disclaimer - If pregnant or nursing consult your physician before use. 

Keep at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

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