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Crystal Facial Roller - Rose Quartz

$ 40

Facial rollers have been used in traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. 
They help improve blood circulation, which stimulates the blood flow to the face, creating a  brighter, firmer and more radiant appearance. 

The natural cooling effect of the crystals also helps decrease puffiness, cools and soothes the skin. 

Use our facial rollers after applying our Rejuvenating Face Serum to help it penetrate the skin deeper. Follow with our Hydrating Mist.

Facial rolling is a very relaxing self-care ritual that helps relax the facial muscles, reduce puffiness and reduce tension. 


• Helps release facial tension
• Relaxes facial muscles 
• Depuff face and eye area 
• Enhances penetration of skincare products 
• Improves appearance of skin
• Creates a radiant complexion 
• Delivers beauty and wellness benefits of crystal therapy 


  1. Cleanse and moisturize skin. Massage each area at least 5 times. Massage duration - 5-10 minutes. Repeat daily 
  2. Gently roll the neck area in an upward motion 
  3. Continue to jawline, cheeks, forehead in outward motion towards the hairline 
  4. Roll the smaller stone very gently around the eye area, and over the lips
  5. Finish of with a generous spritz of our Hydrating Mist Refresh & Renew

Product Recommendations 

Cleanse - Cleansing Oil & Make Up Remover

Moisturize - Rejuvenating Face Serum 

Hydrate - Hydrating Mist 

Bonus Tips -

  • For an extra depuffing and cooling effect, place facial roller in fridge or freezer before use 


*All Malaya Organics crystal facial tools are made from pure, ethically sourced, hand cut gemstones 

*Handle with care, crystals can break if dropped

Rose Quartz

  • As the stone of unconditional love, it’s one of the most important stones for heart chakra work
  • Supports a deeper connection with oneself and helps to attract and welcome love
  • Believed to raise self-esteem, balance emotions, lower stress, and restore self-confidence

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