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Crystal Eye Mask - Aventurine Jade

$ 95

The weight of the intricate, hand woven web of hand cut crystals on the eyes is so cooling and restorative. It helps ground you, reduce puffiness around the eyes, release tension and relax the brow area. 

Feel your eye area become more lifted, relaxed and restored. 

Flip the mask over and apply over the jawline, cheek and lip area to calm, cool and brighten the skin after a facial massage. 

This ancient beauty ritual of crystal therapy for the eyes and skin allows your skincare to penetrate deeper and helps you feel more grounded, calm, relaxed, rejuvenated and centered. 


Great to use after your yoga practice in Shivassana.


Aventurine Jade

  • Known for comforting and heart healing properties 
  • Neutralises all sources of electromagnetic pollution
  • Calms nausea, helps dissolve negative emotions and thoughts 
  • Helps bring about a sense of well being and emotional calm.
  • Aventurine is the most sustainable type of jade



    • Weight of the mask helps release tension  
    • Cooling sensation of the stones helps depuff eyes and face 
    • Reduce tension in the face and eyebrow area  
    • Grounds, restores, relaxes  
    • Enhance meditation  
    • Delivers beauty and wellness benefits of crystal therapy 



    1. Cleanse, moisturize and mist skin. Lay down or recline in a comfortable position. 
    2. Place the mask over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. Rotate mask and apply to the jawline and cheek area for another 10-15 minutes. Breath deeply, relax, allow the weight of the mask and the healing properties of the stones to restore you. 

    Product Recommendations 

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    Moisturize - Rejuvenating Face Serum 

    Hydrate - Hydrating Mist 


    Bonus Tips -

    • For an extra depuffing and cooling effect, place mask in fridge or freezer before use 

    *All Malaya Organics crystal facial tools are made from pure, ethically sourced, hand cut gemstones. 

    *Handle with care, crystals can break if dropped

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