Few people are lucky enough to find a calling in life. Fewer still can recognize it when it comes. I never imagined mine would start with a horrendous case of cystic acne. When it did, I responded the only way I knew how—look for remedies, search for answers. The journey that ensued took me on an extraordinary exploration of specialists and healers from whom I learned incomparably more than how to simply heal the skin. Ancient wisdoms still hold true today. After cleansing the body from the inside out, from diet to yoga, from education to meditation, I learned this for certain—how you care for yourself has a direct relationship with how joyous your experience of life is. Having worked in the skincare industry for years, I saw first hand how the practices I was witnessing were so fundamentally in opposition to how I had come to approach self-care. I delved into studies of herbalism, natural perfumery, product formulation, aromatherapy, and research of the purest, most healing ingredients. What started as a need to change the products that governed my skincare regimen grew into a dream to change how we experience ourselves, our beauty.  You are what you eat, your skin is what it absorbs. Your life, your body, is a precious gift—shouldn’t you take care of it likewise?