Alisa - Age 33

If I was on an island and could have just one beauty product - It would be the Malaya hair oil! Since I started using Malaya hair oil two years ago, my hair has dramatically gotten healthier. Now I use the whole line. My favorites being the face and body oil in woods.



Melina - Age 31

I discovered Malaya on a trip to NYC and I've been obsessed since! The face serum is my favorite product. I use it as a moisturizer before bed and a primer before applying makeup. It's perfect for both and leaves my skin feeling velvety and looking hydrated and supple, never oily. Woods is my favorite scented body oil. I apply it every night and I swear the scent helps me sleep better. I'm so happy to have found an organic product my skin loves! I refuse to use anything else. I'm a Malaya user for life.



Diana - Age 40

I’m in love with your Face Serum. It didn’t just change my skin, it changed my life!



Mia - Age 27

I've suffered from eczema on my face and eyelids in particular for almost a decade and the only thing that would make it go away was a very damaging topical steroid. I used Malaya's face serum for three days twice a day and the eczema not only entirely went away, but my skin looked thicker and fuller around my eyes and more even all over my face. I can't speak highly enough about this stuff. Thank you Malaya!!



Nina - Age 22

The Malaya Organics line has completely transformed the way I look at skincare. As someone with incredible sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin, I've always found that conventional products always come with some kind of trade off - I constantly had to compromise the integrity of my skin to see some kind of results. That all stopped when I found Malaya! My favorite product is the Rejuvenating Face Serum - it is beautifully soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing, and even manages to help clear up some of my worst breakouts. Thank you Malaya, for teaching me that natural, organic, and hand-made IS better.



Richelle - Age 23

Knowing I have very sensitive skin, I was on the search for a new product that kept my face hydrated without causing any breakouts. The Malaya organics face serum has been my go-to product every morning since I found it!

A drop was enough for me to fall in love. After getting hooked on it using it in my everyday regimen, I decided to try the various other Malaya organics products (hair oil, facial steam) and have never been dissatisfied. Every compliment on my skin I give the credit to these amazing products. I'll never go back!



Karema - Age 39

I routinely use my Malaya Organics body oils, hair oil and face serum. First of all they smell amazing AND they're great products! The hair oil makes my hair super soft after washing and the face serum I carry in my purse with me and dab it on my "tired" spots throughout the day for a pick me up.

I use these products with confidence knowing that my skin (and my daughter's skin!) is absorbing only the finest organic ingredients.



Sarah - Age 36

I have struggled with acne, and the Face Serum is the only product that has aided my skin in a healthy way. Thank you Malaya Organics!