HEALING BALMS (POMADAS) Malaya Organics X La Quinta Essentia

Crafted by Rafael Patino Goez (Rafa) - a medicine man from Colombia - these magical healing balms have been a part of Katya’s self-care ritual for over two decades. 
Rafa, the incredible curandero who crafts these potions, heals people from all over the world, and Katya was lucky enough to source a micro batch of his world famous healing balms, called POMADAS to share with our valued customers. 
The Pomada formulas are a marriage of his incredible knowledge of native Colombian herbal medicine combined with ancient Egyptian beauty secrets of revitalizing skin with Ghee. The results are nothing less of asstonishing!
The name of Rafa’s brand is Latin Quinta Essentia which means the “fifth essence” or the fifth element known as aether. This essence is believed to be the spiritual force permeating all things in nature. Some ancient traditions believed that if this essence could be isolated, it could cure all ailments. 

Pomada PSORAND - Katya struggled with eczema for many years. That is how she first crafted her Moisturizing Body Oils to repair and heal her problematic skin. But for stubborn eczema patches, Pomada PSORAND is her number one go to herbal remedy. It is more effective than any prescription medicine she ever used and heals her eczema breakouts every time, calming the itchiness and irritation almost instantly. 

PSORAND was developed by Rafa to specifically treat Psoriasis and Eczema. The main active ingredient, that is very rare and super unique, is the medicinal herb Yerba Mora (Black Nightshade), which is known as a miracle herb for topical applications of treating psoriasis and eczema. 

Pomada CHAMOMILLA - the honey like fragrance of chamomile flowers captured in this formula is unlike anything Katya smelled before. It’s calming, soothing, captivating, nostalgic, like being cocooned in the softest blanket. 

CHAMOMILLA was crafted by Rafa specifically for babies and children. It is so incredibly gentle, healing and soothing to the baby's skin. The purest, safest and most effective remedy for baby’s skin remedy that Katya has encountered. 
In fact this is literally the only product Katya used on her baby from the day she was born. She uses it for her daughter as a total body moisturizer, diaper rash cream, cradle cap remedy, hair moisturizer. She also uses it for her as a healing ointment for scrapes, irritations, sunburn, bug bites, and any skin discomforts her baby might have. 
This product is so gentle and effective, every one of Katya’s friends and clients that she shared this product with often tell her that this is the only product they use on their kids and it works like magic. 

The gentleness and effectiveness of this product is also applicable for feminine uses like vaginal irritation and discomfort, cracked or sore nipples after breastfeeding, or anywhere on the body that may need extra repairative and soothing care. 

NOTE - each pomada is hand poured by Rafa in his apothecary in Colombia where he treats patients and also has a small shop to sell his medicinal remedies. Each jar is labeled by him and the information on the label is in Spanish. All the information listed on the pomada labels is translated here for you on our site.

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