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Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool - Amethyst

$ 40

Gua Sha has been practiced in traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Massage with the Gua Stone helps relax the muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and helps the skin appear more firm and lifted. Great for releasing tension around the jawline. Has a natural cooling effect to help reduce puffiness. 

Use our Gua Sha board after applying our Rejuvenating Face Serum for easier glide of the board on the skin, and to help the serum penetrate the skin deeper. 


• Firm, lift and contour the face 
• Aid in lymphatic drainage
• Myofascial release
• Depuff face and eye area 
• Define the face and sculpt cheekbones
• Reduce tension in the face, eyebrow area and jawline 
• Delivers beauty and wellness benefits of crystal therapy 



  1. Cleanse and moisturize skin. Massage each area at least 5 times. Massage duration 3-5 minutes. Repeat daily 
  2. Neck - Start with the longer edge of the Gua Sha board at the beck of the neck in upward gliding/scraping motion, moving to the front of the neck
  3. Jawline - Massage the jawline area in upward gliding/scraping motion. Use the heart shaped alcove to glide against the jawline to the ear
  4. Eyes - very gently glide the pointy edge of the board under the eyes in an outward motion. Then glide board over the shape of the brow in an outward motion 
  5. Forehead - with the longer side of the board, glide board outwards from brow to hairline 
  6. Finish of with a generous spritz of our Hydrating Mist Refresh & Renew

Product Recommendations

Cleanse - Cleansing Oil & Make Up Remover

Moisturize - Rejuvenating Face Serum 

Hydrate - Hydrating Mist 

Bonus Tips -

  • For an extra depuffing and cooling effect, place Gua Sha board in fridge or freezer before use 
  • Can be used to massage other areas of the body to release tension in muscles and for myofascial release. 

*All Malaya Organics crystal facial tools are made from pure, ethically sourced, hand cut gemstones. 

*Handle with care, crystals can break if dropped


  • Known for its natural calming effect
  • Amethyst is also associated with expanding awareness, awakening intuition, and enhancing psychic abilities
  • It has a soothing quality, relieving stress, anger, anxiety and irritability 
  • Amethyst is often associated with healing of the body

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