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4 Step Crystal Facial Tool Collection

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Firm / Sculpt / Release / Depuff / Calm

Our Crystal Facial Tool Collection was designed to be used together in 4 steps. 

These tools work together to aid in releasing tension, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue relaxation, sculpting the facial contour and cheekbones, depuffing the eye area, enhancing the absorption of facial moisturizers, relieving tension in the face/jaw/eye brows, all while creating smoother, firmer & brighter complexion. 

The best in crystal facial tools conveniently packaged in one collection. Receive the beauty and wellness benefits of crystal therapy and get the most out of facial tool treatments in one thoughtfully curated set. 

Step 1 - Crystal Guasha - myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, depuffing face and eyes, reducing tension in the face, eyebrows and jawline 

Start by misting the face and neck with our Hydrating Mist and apply Rejuvenating Face Serum.  

Step 2 - 3D Crystal Facial Roller - facial massage simulation relaxes, defines and sculpts facial muscles, further reducing the appearance of puffiness. 

The Y Shape roller is designed to create a kneading motion similar to that of a facial massage. 

For massaging the eye area with the Crystal Eye Massage Tip first apply Malaya Firming Eye Serum. Crystal tip and Firming Eye Serum can be used around the eye and lip area to plump the lips and firm the lines causing lipstick bleeds. 

Step 3 - Crystal Facial Roller - improve blood circulation, stimulates blood flow to the face, creating a radiant appearance, cools and depuffs skin, aids in skincare absorption, relaxes facial muscles and tension, soothes and calms skin, reduces puffiness, 

Since this step is third in the routine, apply a few more drops of Rejuvenating Face Serum for this step, for an easier glide and deeper moisture absorption. 

Step 4 - Crystal Eye Mask - An ancient beauty ritual of crystal therapy for the eyes and face. The weight of the intricate, hand woven web of hand cut crystals on the eyes is so cooling and restorative. It helps ground you, reduce puffiness around the eyes, release tension and relax the brow area. 

Mist face with Malaya Rose Water or Lavender Water, depending on the skin concerns or desired aromatherapeutic benefits. This offers your skin deeper and longer lasting hydration, and adds to the relaxation benefits of using our crystal mask.



  • Firm, lift and contour the face 
  • Aid in lymphatic drainage
  • Myofascial release
  • Depuff face and eye area 
  • Define the face and sculpt cheekbones
  • Reduce tension in the face, eyebrow area and jawline 

3D Crystal Facial Roller

  • Defines the face and sculpts cheekbones
  • Myofascial release 
  • Firm, lift and contour the face 
  • Aid in lymphatic drainage
  • Depuff face and eye area 
  • Reduce tension in the face, eyebrow area and jawline

Crystal Facial Roller

  • Helps release facial tension
  • Relaxes facial muscles 
  • Depuff face and eye area 
  • Enhances penetration of skincare products 
  • Improves appearance of skin
  • Creates a radiant complexion 
  • Delivers beauty and wellness benefits of crystal therapy 

 Crystal Eye Mask

  • Helps eye area become more lifted, relaxed and restored
  • Flip the mask over and apply over the jawline, cheek and lip area to calm, cool and brighten the skin after a facial massage
  • Great for calming common hormonal breakouts around the chin area 
  • Allows skincare to penetrate deeper 
  • Great to use after your yoga practice in Shivassana
  • Helps you feel more grounded, calm, relaxed, rejuvenated and centered 

All Malaya Organics crystal facial tools are meant to be used in tandem with Malaya Organics products.

Using the crystal facial tools with our facial mists and moisturizers improves the absorption and efficacy of our products, and overall facial skin appearance and texture. 


Hydrating Mist 

Rejuvenating Face Serum 

Firming Eye Serum 

Rose Water 

Lavender Water 

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