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At Home Facial

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  • Cleansing Oil & Make Up Remover - Nourish & Soothe 
  • Herbal Facial Polish - Brighten & Clarify 
  • Advanced Repair Mask - Neem Honey Herbal Complex 

  • Give yourself a much deserved pampering treatment. Cleanse, exfoliate, detox, rejuvenate, repair and hydrate all in an easy 2 step treatment.


    Step 1 - Cleansing Kit 

    How to use - in the palm of your hand or in our Mask Ritual Bowl combine a quarter size amount of our Herbal Facial Polish and 5-8 pumps of our Cleansing Oil. Add a splash of water or our Lavender or Rose Floral Waters and mix into a paste. Exfoliate face, neck and chest with this mixture for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off and reveal even textured and toned, glowing, radiant skin, free of redness and dullness. We recommend to do this treatment in the shower for easy rinse off. 

    Step 2 - Mask 

    Our Advanced Repair Mask has a cult favorite status for a reason - it completely transforms your skin!

    Pour a quarter size amount of the mask into our Mask Ritual Bowl and use a wet Facial Mask Brush 

     to apply a generous layer of the mask to the face. Leave on for at least 15 min but can be left on longer. Wet the skin and massage the mask off in a circular motion for an extra gentle exfoliating treatment. Your skin will look absolutely new - redness diminished, smooth texture, bright supple skin that feels firm and looks radiant. You will be obsessed after one use!

    This treatment has supreme rejuvenation properties but it’s also highly effective at treating acne prone skin, even cystic type. Can also be used as a spot treatment for breakouts. 

    Follow with our Hydrating Mist and Rejuvenating Face Serum. 

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