The intoxicating aroma of our Malaya Repair & Style Hair Oil will make your hair smell divine!

Our unique hair treatment is packed with precious ingredients that will bring luster back to dry or damaged hair, restore moisture to a dry scalp and can prevent flaking.  Our formula includes a restorative blend of plant oilsbotanical herbs and flower and botanical essences.

The plant oils in our formula are a concoction of 11 deeply moisturizing oils with highly beneficial nutrients.  We infuse the plant oils with a potent selection of botanical herbs, which nourish hair and promote healthy growth and resilience. This healing infusion is blended with flower and botanical essences including Clary Sage for falling hair and Rose Absolute, Geranium and Sandalwood for dry hair.

Malaya Hair Oil doubles as a styling product to give hair shine, reduce split ends and combat frizz. 

Use: May be used when hair is wet or dry.

Add a few drops to shampoo for super soft hair.

Treatment – Massage oil into scalp roots to ends. Leave in or shampoo after several hours.

Style – Rub several drops of oil between palms and work into ends to diminish dryness and frizz