Malaya Organics

Aromatherapy Roller Collection

$ 190 $ 275

Experience our full Aromatherapy roller collection to help you get back to balance.  9 Rollers crafted to support your body, mind and mood. 

The collection includes

6 Single oil rollers





Sweet Orange                                                                                                                         



3 Blends rollers

Calm Blend                                                                                                               

Energize Blend                                                                                                           

Balance Blend 


The collection is meant to help with -

  • Balancing Circadian Rhythms (Calm Roller, Lavender Roller) 
  • Uplifting the mood (Energize Roller, Sweet Orange Roller)
  • Aiding with opening the airways, antibacterial (Eucalyptus Roller) 
  • Aiding digestive system, relieving headaches, body aches (Peppermint Roller)
  • Grounding and invoking meditative states (Frankincense Roller, Balance Roller)
  • Inviting the feeling of LOVE for self and others (Rose Roller)

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