Malaya Organics

Detox Bath

$ 98 $ 109


  • Lava Bath Salts - Citrus Rinds & Eucalyptus 
  • Refining Body Polish - Black Tea & Neroli 
  • Beauty Bar - choose one of 4 

  • Your body and mind need pampering - destress, detox, decompress with our easy to use Detox Bath Kit. 

    Step 1 - Lava Bath Salts 

    A unique blend of detoxifying lava salts infused with charcoal and red clay transform your bath ritual into a soothing escape that restores the body as much as it passifies the mind. A unique blend of aromatics and moisturizing coconut oil leave your senses and your skin feeling refreshed and revived.

    Step 2 - Beauty Bars 

    After a detox bath, a pampering shower is an important step in completing your restorative treatment. Our beauty bars are super unique soaps that will never dry your skin . Designed to replenish moisture, soothe irritation, detox and nourish your skin - choose one of 4 bars to complete your treatment.

    Black Clay & Geranium Detoxifying Beauty Bar - formulated for face and body - detoxifying, antibacterial, rejuvenating. 

    Rosemary & Lemongrass Soothing Beauty Bar - soothing, repairing, great for eczemic or inflamed skin. 

    Cocoa Butter & Honey Moisturizing Beauty Bar  - the lushes moisturizing bar leaves your skin kissably soft and restored. 

    Algae & Sage Nourishing Beauty Bar - an antioxidant and nourishing bar that has an exquisite aroma and helps relieve itchy skin conditions. 

    Step 3 - Refining Body Polish 

    After cleansing, exfoliation is key to having smooth, youthful skin. It sloughs off dead skin cells and also helps improve circulation in the body. Our unique formula has skin firming and detoxifying ingredients, that leave your skin feeling renewed and baby soft.

    Follow with Moisturizing Body Oil in Woods or Citrus & Bloom, and or Hand Butter for hands and feet.

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